June 9, 2023


Just Do Travel

You don’t need an epic adventure to witness Maine’s beauty

Bees threaded by way of spikes of lavender, drawing nectar from the plant’s aromatic purple flowers. I knelt down and leaned in shut to breathe in the loaded scent and hear to the hum of the pollinators.

It was a hot July day with shifting clouds that often sprinkled down rain. My mother and I were wandering the Ecotat Gardens and Arboretum, a 91-acre home in Hermon that’s owned and managed by the nonprofit Ecotat Believe in. Open up to the community, it’s a pretty, silent spot to master about vegetation, both equally cultivated and wild.

“I need to increase some of this in my gardens,” my mother, Joyce, reported as we inspected the tall cluster of lavender. She’s constantly loved the scent.

As we walked from flower mattress to flower bed, I used the cellular app Seek out to discover the plants we didn’t identify. Big purple balloon bouquets and white musk mallow blossoms caught our notice, as did a coral honeysuckle vine, which sported scorching pink and yellow flowers.

Ecotat also features a network of forest paths that complete about 1.5 miles. There we uncovered an spot of the forest lined with tiny yellow bouquets on tall, thin stems. I feel it was a plant called wall lettuce, which is a nonnative perennial that thrives in forests.