March 1, 2021


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Visit the technologically equipped city – Wuhan

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The city that came into the picture after the pandemic outbreak – Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei province. The city has much to offer, it is a strong and one of the economically leading cities in the world. It has beautiful architecture and infrastructures. The transportation is fast-paced and it keeps the tourist flocking here for the amazing building and shopping centers.  To experience a dynamic lifestyle fly into Wuhan for a vacation like never before.

You can spend a lovely vacation while cruising on the waters of the Yangtze River in Wuhan. The city is one of the fastest developing cities in the entire world. The transportations especially are very unique and technologically strengthened. The charming city has places to visit and spend quality time with friend s and family.  The city will not disappoint any of the tourists as it has got everything covered from food to shopping to historical attractions and relaxing bayside

There are many places to visit in |Wuhan

The city is second to none in technological developments as it has massive buildings, awe-inspiring architectural formations, and also scenic views.  The best four places to visit in Wuhan are:

The Han show- theater is a spectacle that makes you wonder about the brilliance in making the construction. It is a beautiful building that is made in the view of the Chinese lantern. The amazing phenomenon is one of a kind. It has around 2000 seats it brings unconventional and articulated infrastructure. The theatre offers dry and wet lifts, scenic elements, pivoting LED screens, and many more of such robust technological equipment and infrastructure.

The yellow crane tower

The amazing shiny tower gazes on the people from a height of 50.4 meters (165.4 feet). It is made of 5 floors and each of the floors is peculiarly designed with themes of nature and poetry. There are many images, paintings, statues, and poems in the tower. Tourists find it very inspiring to see such an ancient architecture which is beautifully designed with upturned eaves that symbolize wings to fly. There are stone tablets and carvings in this tower located on Snake Hill in Wuchang

Yangtze River

One of the loveliest landmarks of the city is the long sprawling river – the Yangtze River. The river is a spectacle as it connects the north and south of China. It is the prime double-deck that is built over the Yangtze River. The length of the bridge is mind-blowing as it spans across 1670 meters. It has a magnificent aerial view with the lower layer for double line rails, and two-way, four-lane automobile highway transport.

Hubei Province Museum

As the only museum, the Hubei Province Museum stands as a landmark and a symbol for Wuhan. This museum particularly has a wide range of collections with strong historical facts. It displays many heritage and scientific facts to the tourists. It has a large musical exhibition hall. For history lovers, this place is just a delightful journey into the past with relics, pottery, jade and bronze instruments, weapons, and coins. There are around 20 million cultural art pieces.