November 30, 2022


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Top Luxury Travel Agency Biirdee to Assist International Stars and Influencers with Discounted Flights

SAN FRANCISCO, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Biirdee, a top luxury travel agency, helped international stars and influencers save 30-40% off their flights to Cannes, France, when the festival returned after a pandemic break in the spring of 2020.

With the extravaganza running from July 6 to 17 this year, stars from across the globe reached out to Biirdee for tickets to witness the glamour in French Riviera.

“We’re happy to extend our services to the biggest names in the film industry who are eager to come to Cannes for the cinema showcase. These last-minute, high-stress trios are right up our ally,” said Eric Alberton, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Biirdee.

In addition to easing COVID-19 restrictions in France, the 74th Cannes film festival will mark the return of international travel.

Travelers can ask Biirdee’s travel specialists about safe vacation destinations to explore as countries deliberate on guidelines and policies to balance economy and health.

“Our agents have been at the forefront in helping travelers customize their trip to ensure complete satisfaction. Biirdee works for our customers 24/7 until they have returned home safe and well-rested,” Alberton stressed.

Alberton’s point about customization is crucial here since it sets Biirdee apart from other travel agencies. “We build fully custom multi-city last-minute trips using a variety of tools that we have at our disposal. Tools the average consumer simply doesn’t have access to or experience with,” he explained.

It’s no wonder the agency has flourished for so long. Biirdee has served as a premier travel partner for several years, booking first-class and business class flights and providing the best deals on luxury travel.

“Whether your trip is last minute or planned well in advance, our agents can help you – from handling ground transportation to making hotel or restaurant reservations at your destination, we’ve got you covered,” says Alberton.

Check out Biirdee’s website to request a quote for international flights or domestic private charters.

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