June 2, 2023


Just Do Travel

This South Beach hotel will turn your room into a pop-up bar

Remember hotel parties? The days of crowding all of your friends into a suite to rage and pop bottles and do whatever people do in a hotel room (use your imagination!) are about as dated as the Chingy song about it. Though if you’re feeling nostalgic, the Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach can help make it happen. The new Miami Beach property has partnered with its onsite Italian restaurant, the delightful Osteria Morini Miami, to offer a “Balcony Bartender” program for guests.

For access to the bonus perk, you’ll need to book the Sunset Harbour corner terrace king, which boasts the boutique property’s largest balcony (about 800 square feet, the size of a large studio apartment). You’ll get a headcount (we’re sure this is not how rappers do it, but you’re a normal, civilized person) and set it up for the evening. Then up will come one of Osteria Morini’s wonderful bartenders with a rollaway bar stocked with the essentials and then some. Pricing is based on the number of people in attendance and will be charged per hour ($20–$40, depending on the type of liquor and length of event, plus a $200–$400 bartender fee). Bartenders will hold court on the balcony, doling out freshly made craft cocktails for you and your closest friends. The best part of this whole experience? You call the shots on last call.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach
Photograph: Courtesy Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach/Cris Molina