October 3, 2022


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These Are the 22 Best Beach Hotels in Florida in 2021

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FAQ: Florida beach hotels

Are hotels safe and open in Florida?

Yes, experts agree hotels are safe, provided you take the necessary precautions outlined by the CDC. Additionally, the CDC now says fully vaccinated people can safely travel in the US. All the hotels on this list are open and accepting guests.

That said, the state of Florida has lifted governmental restrictions and protocol for COVID-19. Still, you should keep in mind that many private businesses still opt to follow the CDC masking and social distancing guidelines and come prepared with safety precautions for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses who might enforce their own rules on the premises of their properties.

In addition, services are subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Some spa, transportation, and entertainment amenities might be curtailed or unavailable. Others might be on their way to being reinstated.

Still, you should come prepared to comply with requests that you wear a mask in various places of business.

What are the best beaches to visit in Florida?

Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline, the second-highest in the nation behind Alaska (where you certainly don’t do much tanning). These soft sand beaches make is easy to sun, fish, swim, enjoy water sports, collect seashells, and build sandcastles with your partner or kids. You can also really get a sense of the differences between east and west coast Florida beaches, which are only two hours apart by car in the southern part of the state, and the diversities of lifestyles around the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Coast, and Panhandle beaches.

If you prefer a plethora of arts programming, dining, and nightlife, then Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota, or The Palm Beaches all have great hotels that deliver on those interests.

If you’re looking for water sport-friendly or relaxing vacations, the slower-paced Panhandle, where Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Santa Rosa Beach are located, will suit you.

For a mix of both, the Naples and St. Pete on the Gulf Coast and the Jacksonsville/Amelia Island region on the East Coast are ideal.

When can I find cheap deals for Florida beaches?

Some Florida beach towns, especially those that are closer to the Alabama and Georgia borders, where it gets cold, are communities where the slow season is in the winter, resulting in cheaper prices.

In the Southeast and Southwest, where it’s warm year-round, the summer is the low season when it’s hot and rainy. But in places like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, where tourists from all over the world visit, there is no longer any real slow season.

Weekday and weekend rates will also change during music, art, and food festivals, fishing tournaments, and other Florida-specific events as well as high school and college graduations. Resort fees range widely but often include bicycle rentals, barre or yoga classes, happy hours, or breakfast.

When is hurricane season in Florida?

Hurricane season runs from June 1-November 30, and Florida does see its share of storm watches/warnings as well as actual storms.

Do I need a car to go to the beach in Florida?

Usually, yes. While many Florida seaside cities offer public transportation, various free neighborhood trolleys, and ride-share services, sometimes Florida beach towns are located on peninsulas, islands, or keys. That means you have to cross causeways or bridges to get to them. Public transportation might not always extend that far, especially trains, and rides can be long and expensive. If you want to take a day away from beach activities, without a car you might be stuck.

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