June 19, 2021


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The Affordable Luxury of Customized European Private Driving Tours

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Not all vacations are created equal. Some escapes are taken just for a change of...

Not all vacations are created equal. Some escapes are taken just for a change of scenery, to find some carefree rest and relaxation, or for reconnecting with friends and family. But other types of getaways can help you realize a lifelong dream, discover something new about yourself, forge brilliant new connections, and provide a deeply meaningful and uniquely personal experience.

A longtime expert in creating customized European driving vacations, CIE Tours offers incredible tailor-made itineraries in Ireland, Britain and Iceland that give travelers an intimate perspective on their destination unlike any other. Founded in 1932, the company has acquired a well-earned reputation as a premier tour provider, one which holds true to its roots in the traditional Irish spirit of hospitality.


While CIE Tours caters to various travel types—including guided tours, group vacations, small groups and independent adventures—for discerning travelers, the tour company’s private driver tours are an ideal option. Private driving tours are an excellent fit for all kinds of travelers, including family groups with members ranging from infants to great-grandparents, heritage travelers and those with mobility constraints. And the range of budgets is wider than one might think, from preset itineraries to the ultimate in custom luxury tours.

CIE Tour’s economical private chauffeured tours enable you to eliminate the stressors that accompany self-drive options, such as the complication of having to drive on the opposite side of the road in Britain and Ireland, and the usual family squabbles that arise over the reading of maps or attempting to follow driving directions in unfamiliar territory.

The company offers a range of options to suit a variety of budgets and desires.

The Classic Itineraries collection is the most budget-friendly and the simplest. These pre-built tours are based on the tried-and-true itineraries beloved by customers on group tours, with hotels and attractions provided to offer the ultimate in easy planning.

CIE Tours can also provide a huge range of exceptional suggested itineraries—many of these suitable to individual interests. Whether you’re a golf-lover, heritage-hunter or a foodie, the team can help choose a trip that will match your passions.

CIE Tours
Enjoy a walking food tour with CIE Tours. (photo courtesy of CIE Tours)

Looking for something really different? No problem—the dedicated staff will work with you to create the ultimate trip of your dreams from scratch.

CIE Tours doesn’t just provide private transportation and guidance, but comprehensive concierge-level planning of your Irish, British or Icelandic getaway, including recommended routes, hotel stays, and activities to fit your tastes and budget. Thanks to CIE Tours’ well-established connections, guests can expect to enjoy exclusive access, authentic experiences and in-depth local knowledge that (in the spirit of its Irish roots) often begins with a story.

The company goes above and beyond to custom-craft your European holiday just the way you envisioned it. While you may be able to reach some major tourist attractions by bus or train, much of the magic inherent in these lands isn’t found along the main thoroughfares, but in the quaint towns and idyllic countryside that can only be accessed via smaller roadways.

Cork City’s iconic English Market
Cork City’s iconic English Market. (photo via CIE Tours)

Guests enjoy the benefit of having their own private car to take them where they like and a personal driver/guide to accompany them. These local experts relish the opportunity to convey the unique charm of their homelands and provide guests with a truly immersive experience, recounting local histories and sharing insider stories along the way.

The unsurpassed flexibility that comes with traveling by private vehicle means you can decide on a whim to spend more time in spots that spark your interest and cut short your visits at any that don’t. Guests decide when they’d like to start and end their days, and when and where they want to dine, often based on their driver’s well-informed recommendations. This supremely accommodating travel method truly allows you to do just about everything your way.

For more information, contact a travel advisor or visit cietours.com.