October 2, 2022


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Sonoma travel agency survives internet, pandemic

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With travel resuming post-pandemic, Sonoma travel agency owner Alyse Cori is poised to help locals make the most of their time and their money.

“People save their hard-earned money to go on a vacation,” said Cori, owner of the Travelwize agency. “If they want to feel like they are someone special, they need us. Travelers who use us are never just a confirmation number. People who are content with whatever they get, they probably don’t need a travel agency.”

Cori has lived in Sonoma since 2010 and has 25 years experience providing travel advice for businesses, individuals and groups. Her specialties include adventure travel, corporate events and meetings on land and sea, executive and VIP services, luxury cruises and tours, scuba diving trips, reunions, wellness, culinary travel and fundraising.

Cori points out using a travel agent does not cost travelers money. In fact, she says, an agent can help find the best value through their contacts, and by taking the time to understand a client’s needs.

“We use our contacts to add extras that people can’t get on their own.”

Cori hosts a monthly talk show on KSRO called Travel Tuesday and hosts culinary and wine groups. Up next is a trip to Italy with Chef John Ash in early 2022.

She is one of more than a dozen Bay Area client advisers at Travelwize/Sonoma, which is celebrating its 15th year in business this year.

“We only survived the pandemic because the company was already home-based and we didn’t have rent to pay,” Cori said.

Travelwize itself is a Virtuoso agency – part of a consortium of the top vetted travel agencies throughout the world.

“The advantage of working with a consortium member is that it provides some clout with our hotel, cruise and land tour partners around the world to offer unexpected perks and get the greatest quality and value from them,” said Cori.

Whether or not they plan to use an agency, Cori urges anyone planning to travel this year or next to move quickly.

“It’s a crazy time,” she said. “Hotel, flight and car rental prices are going up fast so people should think about booking their 2022 vacation now. I’ve never seen anything like this.” travelwize.net