October 6, 2022


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Old-school adventure game Mothmen 1966 will see a release in July

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If you consider yourself a fan of “mid-20th century pulp fiction and ‘80s home computer graphics,” then you might want to check out Mothmen 1966. Developed by LCB Game Studio, Mothmen 1966 incorporates the old-school aesthetic of computers, like the ZX Spectrum, and has players unravele a mystery by solving classic adventure game conundrums. Currently, both LCB Game Studio and publisher Chorus Worldwide plan to release Mothmen 1966 on July 14. So if any of this sounds interesting, you can look forward to that date.

According to a press release, the story of Mothmen 1966 involves a conspiracy surrounding the Leonid Meteor Shower, an astrological event that illuminates the sky each November. In the year 1966, a number of strange occurrences take place alongside the meteor shower, which include mysterious men in black as well as red eyes becoming visible in the woods. A team of four sleuths, which include lovers Lee and Victoria, paranormal investigator Lou, and gas station owner Holt, step up to make sense of these occurrences. Lou takes particular interest in the aforementioned red eyes, as he suspects that they belong to terrifying creatures known as the “Mothmen.”


How does it play?

The game features 11 chapters in which players must guide the four protagonists through “accessible ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-inspired gameplay.” This includes the occasional puzzle that characters will provide hints for if players find themselves stuck. Along the way, players will also partake in a variety of minigames, which can involve repelling coyotes and playing “Impossible Solitaire.” Fortunately, you won’t have to worry too much about failure, because “choices leading to death only provide a temporary setback.”

Notably, Mothmen 1966 will serve as the first in a series of visual novels that all share the same old-school pulp flair. So those excited for the upcoming release of Mothmen 1966 will have more nostalgic content to enjoy later this year.