January 28, 2021


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Myrtle Beach police find mom passed out with kids in hotel

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A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with unlawful neglect after leaving two young children unattended while she overdosed on drugs in an Ocean Boulevard resort a few days before Christmas, according to a Myrtle Beach police arrest warrant.

On Dec. 22, Myrtle Beach police responded to Ocean Reef Resort, 7100 North Ocean Boulevard, for the report of an overdose. EMS found a woman — 32-year-old Jamie Marie Miller, of Glassport, Pennsylvania — who appeared to be under the influence of something, according to the warrant. The woman appeared to have just come to, needles were found, her speech was slurred and she was unsteady on her feet, EMS stated.

EMS told police that two victims — her children, 2 and 6 years old, respectively — were on site as well. A witness told police that they received about 10 calls from the room and the male child told them that he was scared and his mom was locked in the bathroom, according to the warrant.

Police also found that the 10th-story room’s sliding glass door to the balcony was open and the children could have climbed over the railing, the warrant states.

Based on the information collected, police determined that Miller placed her children in unreasonable risk for their safety and charged her with unlawful neglect of child or helpless person by legal custodian.

As of Sunday afternoon, Miller was still being held in J. Reuben Long Detention Center, according to online records.

Unlawful neglect is punishable of up to 10 years in prison.


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