June 5, 2023


Just Do Travel

Large tour groups visiting Santa Barbara after two years of limited travel

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – Workers from companies like LinkedIn and Comcast are in town for meetings.

And they are getting the chance to check out the sights and sounds of Santa Barbara.

“And they’ve traveled far to come here. this group is staying in Ojai. and they found out about our food and wine tour group,” said tour guide Linda Luber of Santa Barbara.

Tour guides are thrilled to see bigger groups returning now that travel restrictions are lifted.

“Covid really shut down the hospitality industry for just over two years. there are so many arms in the hospitality industry that were relying on tourism and business incentive trips and things like that,” said tour guide Joe Palminteri of Anaheim.

Joe Palminteri is the brother of NewsChannel reporter John Palminteri.

“And it’s wonderful to have these big groups back in town and seeing all the people enjoy the great things that Santa Barbara has to offer,” said Luber.

As part of the day-long tour, visitors will stop by several places along State Street including Taqueria Café.

“We took a day trip over here to enjoy the scenery of Santa Barbara … which we’ve both never been here before … we’re having some wine right now … we’re going to be eating some really good food … and enjoying the company of a lot of people,” said tourist Brian Roberts.

The tour included people right here in Santa Barbara.

“I have a very famous brother up here in Santa Barbara,” said Joe Palminteri.

“And we had people from Dublin and Scotland … as well as the east coast and even from California,” said Luben.

Tour guides hope to see the momentum of larger group tourism continue.

“I’d like to stay another week if i could,” said Roberts.

Right now city tour guides say there is no limit to the number of people per group.