December 9, 2022


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Interactive Adventure Theater a Hit with Audiences!

Placer Rep's RIFTS IN TIME: Interactive Adventure Theater a Hit with Audiences!

From a scrape with Jack the Ripper in 1888 London and the Salem witch trials of 1692, to no one knows where next, join Placer Rep every fourth Sunday of each month as audiences cheer on, advise, or even play characters that interact with the time surfing adventurers as everyone works together to heal the “Rifts in Time.” Placer Repertory Theater invites you to this program, a monthly performance of interactive and immersive theater, that engages the audience through the combination of role-playing game elements, improvisation, and storytelling.

“As a child, I was highly imaginative and enjoyed role playing games. I developed my first role playing game system at age 12 and have always wanted to take role playing and storytelling and blend it with theatrical elements and improvisation to create immersive theatrical experiences,” said Gamemaster/Playwright T.S. Forsyth. “Prior experience designing and operating haunted houses as a Jaycee also cooks into the equation. A haunted house is an adventurer’s journey through a series of stories and locales, ratcheting up the tension, leading to the coup de gras, symbol-crashing climax that causes one to run from the venue screaming with delight and fear all at once.”

Each monthly show’s historic time and place is a secret, even to the professional actors who play the rift surfing adventurers. “The actors are discovering their world just as the audience is discovering it, which gives the show a sense of comradery between performers and audience. We’re in this together and have to figure out where we are, when we are, and what the heck we need to do!” said Matt Heyer, an actor with the show. Cast regulars include professional actors Matt Heyer, Kevin Foster and Anne Merino, as well as other guest artists and volunteers from the audience.

Currently, RIFTS IN TIME is a free pilot program as it develops its following. “We are so pleased people are discovering this new program. Our audience doubled from January to February, and our March 2022 audience reservations are more than double the size of the February attendance. We’re so grateful to the community for coming out and taking part in this program,” said Kevin Foster, Placer Rep Outreach Director.

RIFTS IN TIME: Interactive Adventure Theater next performs on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at 7 PM. Currently, it performs at 401B Vernon Street, Roseville in the Holistic Lighthouse meeting room, on the backside of First Bank. Reservations are highly recommended, as seating is limited. For more information, visit

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