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How to Find the Best Hotels for Microstays

Imagine you’re on a road trip and need a few hours of sleep before continuing your journey. Or you have a business meeting and need a hotel room for a few hours to take a shower and freshen up. In either case, you’re in luck, as many hotels don’t require full-day booking.

One of the common ways to rent a hotel for a few hours is through partner websites and apps. These booking platforms make it simple to discover inns that offer hourly rates and the available time slots. Here are the top sites that let you book hotel rooms by the hour.

ByHours's homepage
Image Credit: ByHours

ByHours is one of the earliest reservation platforms to offer hotel rooms by the hour. Whether you need a room to recuperate, make a conference call on your iPhone, or even hold a photoshoot, the booking tool offers all.

You can also book a hotel room to prepare yourself before the next meeting or just indulge in hotel facilities. The online reservation platform lets you book three, six, or 12-hour slots, depending on your schedule.

The award-winning provider has offices in Barcelona and Mexico City and operates in over 24 countries and 600 destinations worldwide. In addition, the company is backed by Angel Ventures, DILA Capital, and HOWZAT Partners, to name a few.


ByHours lets you access more than 4,000 hotels throughout Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. You can book hourly hotels in major cities and airports, including Paris, London, and Dubai.

The site offers many of the world’s best hotels at heavily discounted rates and allows instant confirmation and free cancellation. Some top hotel chains that are signed up include Sheraton, Hilton, and Best Western.

Dayuse's homepage
Image Credit: Dayuse

Dayuse is one of the largest players in daytime hotel booking. The operator has expanded to 25 countries and offers services of over 7,000 hotels worldwide, and growing rapidly.

The booking software works using a search function to input the city or region where you’re trying to find a hotel room. You can search and find hotels in many regions, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil.

Dayuse offers morning, afternoon, and all-day bookings and allows you to book a hotel via its website or mobile app. You can book three to five-star hotels that offer a three-hour minimum on bookings.

Once you’ve booked a room, you’ll receive an immediate confirmation email. You can then use travel apps to find unique and interesting places in the tourist destination.

Dayuse doesn’t require you to use a credit card to reserve a hotel room, though you’ll need to pay a small booking fee when making a reservation. The rest of the payment is made directly with the front office team upon arrival.

DayBreakHotels's homepage
Image Credit: DayBreakHotels

DayBreakHotels is a hotel booking platform that focuses exclusively on day-use services. It allows customers to book hotel rooms mostly from 9am to 9pm.

The system lets you book a room and enjoy services rarely found in typical microstays. The platform supports personalized packages that could include restaurants, meeting rooms, swimming pools, and fitness centers.

DayBreakHotels is available in 15 countries with more than 3,500 three to five-star hotels. The site’s partners include Hilton, Marriott, Accor, Radisson, Best Western, and InterContinental Hotel.

HotelsByDay's homepage
Image Credit: HotelsByDay

HotelsByDay is an easy-to-use hotel booking website and app that allows same-day last minute bookings and is one of the best apps for business travelers. It allows early morning check-ins and late-afternoon check-outs as well. A common time band on HotelsByDay lasts from 9am to 6pm.

The booking tool has a search bar to enter your destination or hotel name and check-in date. The system then displays the hotel rooms available by booking time, location, amenities, and cost.

The company has partnered with over 1,500 three to five-star hotels in many cities around the globe. HotelsByDay lets you book day hotel rooms in the US in cities like Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. You can also book a day room in Canada, the UK, and the UAE.

AsYouStay homepage
Image Credit: AsYouStay

AsYouStay is a last-minute and near-future (up to five days before your stay) online booking platform. With the tool, you can use your mobile device to locate a nearby hotel and then book a hotel room for one to 24 hours. This makes it suitable to rent a hotel room on your day off.

The tech startup started in a few cities and now works with thousands of hotels and properties across five continents. AsYouStay currently operates in many regions including North America, Europe and Australia, and lets you book rooms in cities like New York, London, and Tokyo.

The travel app has partnered with many hotels, including hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, and ChoiceHotels. The more you book via the platform, the more hours you earn, redeemable for free stays.

RoomForDay's homepage
Image Credit: RoomForDay

RoomForDay is a hotel reservation platform dedicated exclusively to day-use activities. The website provides access to hotel rooms and suites, meeting rooms, restaurants, fitness studios, spas.

The platform hosts more than 500 hotels, from three to five stars, which you can search by city or your interests. Its current partners include Best Western, Choice Hotels, Radisson Blu, Pullman, and Sheraton.

Dayrooms's homepage
Image Credit: Dayrooms

DayRooms is one of the first pioneers of online daytime booking. It has thousands of hotel rooms in more than 50 countries and a wide selection of hotels in many international airports.

The site, however, doesn’t have many listings in the US but have a huge inventory in Europe. In what seems like making up for this shortcoming, Dayrooms continues to partner with many affordable luxurious hotels.

In addition, the reservation platform doesn’t charge booking fees or ask for credit card information. Partner hotels include Hilton, Marriott, Kempinski, Radisson, and Hyatt.

Image Credit: BookADayRoom

BookADayRoom is another online booking platform for hotel day rooms. Like DayRooms, the reservation platform doesn’t have much inventory in the US. You can book a hotel room from 8 m to 6pm at three to five-star hotels via the site.

Booking Hotel Rooms by the Hour Has Never Been Easier

Visiting a city for only a few hours and need to freshen up in a decent hotel? You can use an online booking website to find well-furnished three to five-star hourly hotels in key locations.

Some online booking websites and apps allow you to book a hotel room by the hour and not the typical overnight stay. Many of these hotels offer a wide range of services, including comfortable bedrooms, restaurants, and fitness centers.

This article covers some of the common websites that allow you to book hotels hourly. But they’re not the only money-saving travel sites.

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