June 2, 2023


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How Does Per Diem Nursing Jobs Work?

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Pier diem work is a short term work given to nurses to fill in staffing gaps or provide additional man power during busy periods of the year. Pier diem jobs can however last a day, a week or longer depending on the need of the medical facilities and can even be a permanent job in the future. Per diem RN jobs are available in a wide variety of locations so nurses can apply within their area or outside their area. Pier diem nursing agencies help nurses to connect with medical facilities who need per diem nurses, when working under per diem nursing agencies, nurses can get continuous assignments to different facilities. 

Advantages of Pier Diem Nursing Jobs 

You Get Paid Higher Pay 

Salary of a per diem RN vs the salary of a Full time nurse is bigger , some may even earn $15,000 or more per paycheck. Overtime is also paid at a higher rate to compensate for the dedication of per diem nurse. Per states also pay differently if you work in States where they pay higher hourly wages then that’s a plus for you. 

You Get to Choose Your Schedule 

Nursing job is one of the most toxic =c job one can have. They work long hours, they are always on call for emergencies, and they have to report at a certain shift and stay longer if needed. With per diem RN jobs you can choose your schedule and your pier diem nursing agencies will match it with facilities that are looking for nurses who can work at  that schedule too. In this way you can work as a nurse and have control of your schedule. There are times when you are asked to extend but that would be to your advantage since you can get more pay. Another good thing about this job is that you can decline to work on holidays or other days that will not fit your schedule. 

Grow Professionally 

As a per diem nurse you can get the opportunity to experience different working assignments. For instance, you can get assigned to several departments that are not your specialization and yet you can learn some techniques from there.  As a nurse, having an idea on what’s happening or what’s need to be done in each department can be a big aid in broadening your knowledge as a nurse. 

Grow as an Individual 

By being able to get exposed to people who have different views in life you can get to know more about how to handle certain types of individuals. As a nurse it is unavoidable to talk to patients regarding their personal life and concerns that are related or not related with their conditions. 

Kinds of Pier Diem Nursing Jobs 

Per Diem CNA Jobs

This type of job is for a certified nursing assistant, they are assigned for a certain period of time to support nurses during their shift. They are responsible for washing, bathing, feeding or assisting them on their devices. Anything that needs monitoring should be reported to the nurse . Salary for per diem CNA starts at $21 per hour also bigger compared with a regular CNA job. 

Per Diem Travel Nursing

For travel nurse assignments may last for 8 weeks o r more depending on the agreement made upon signing the contract. It can be extended, or they can be assigned to their next destination. 

Per Diem Remote Nursing Jobs

Nurses in these jobs are hired for a period of time to answer queries online about a patient’s concern that needs nurse’s supervision. 

Per Diem Nurse Practitioner Jobs

These nurses are assigned for a certain period of time to assess patients such as interpret diagnosis and laboratory tests. Part of their job will also be formulating and prescribing treatment plans. 

Per diem nursing jobs can be perfect for those who don’t want to have a fox schedule and be able to move freely when they want to. Getting a regular nursing job can give you job security and so with per diem nursing jobs, since you can be given assignment every after per diem job. Just in case you can not get assignments immediately your pay can cover the lost working days with the higher pay that you get. 

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