June 2, 2023


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Geronimo Adventure Park in Spring introduces new axe throwing league

Axe throwing has been offered as an attraction at Geronimo Adventure Park in Spring for quite some time but was recently introduced in a different way.

With axe throwing increasing in popularity, the owners of Geronimo Adventure Park thought it would be a good idea to capitalize on the latest trend.

Hoping to grow the rising target-sport, co-owner Charity Adams said they decided to create a brand-new program around axe throwing: their first league.

Fellow co-owner Monica Snideman said it’s also part of building a community.

Geronimo Adventure Park’s first-ever axe throwing league is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 14, the first of four seasons that will each run for eight weeks at the outdoor throwing range.

“People get really excited about the idea of coming and meeting new people, trying new things,” Snideman said. “It’s like joining a bowling league or baseball team or anything else; it’s just a place to get together with other people that enjoy similar things.”

Not too long ago, founders, owners, and operators Snideman and Adams worked together in a research business, sitting inside the office all day.

The lack of physical activity inspired the pair to build something that would be a positive thing for their community and families.

Snideman and Adams opened Geronimo Adventure Park in 2020, an outdoor recreational area that specializes in zip lining, axe throwing and rock climbing.

Geronimo Adventure Park is located in Spring just off FM 2920 near TC Jester and Kuykendall, also close to the Grand Parkway. The site offers 13 acres of recreational space. Adams said customers come from all over the northwest Houston area like The Woodlands, Klein, Tomball and Cypress.

Now when Adams goes out there, she said it makes her happy to see people enjoying it.

“The other side of it for us too is we wanted to try to show our kids and get them involved in the process of knowing that when you see a need or when you have something you want to contribute, that you can find a way to do that,” Adams said. “It’s been a really inspiring and fun, interesting, challenging, fantastic experience.”

‘Bigger and better’

Snideman said they wanted to create an outdoor venue that encouraged recreation and connection for the Houston community. At first, they got together with their children for a brainstorming session and started narrowing down ideas.

After coming up with the adventure park concept, Snideman said she and Adams started doing research, from attending relevant industry conferences and purchasing land to working with builders and developers to plan out the project.

“We just were looking for something that would get people off their devices and out in nature, being active and spending time together, having fun and excitement and conquering fears,” Snideman said. “It just kind of ticked all the boxes.”

The park’s main attractions are zip lining and axe throwing but there are other family-friendly activities offered such as an outdoor rock climbing wall with four climbing trails, fire pits, and a “grounds pass” that gives access to an outdoor ninja obstacle course, hammocks and swings, lawn games, log jam balance challenge, giant seesaw, picnic tables and more.

Adams said groups off all sizes come in, small ones and some that rent out the whole park for big events. They also do corporate team building.

The new axe-throwing league is going to be held once a week on Thursday nights. Each contestant will receive 10 throws per day after warming up, with points and scoring logged and updated over the course of two months.

Adams said there will be prizes at the end of each season for the winners — those who place in the top three — and for most improved. The league is open for anyone ages 12 and up. It costs $80 to enter.

“Beginners are welcome so anyone can do it,” Snideman said. “I’m sure we’ll have seasoned axe throwers, but beginners shouldn’t feel intimidated; it’s for everyone.”

Those interested in joining the axe league can show up if they want to join the night of, according to Snideman, or visit the Geronimo Adventure Park website where there’s an option to sign up.

Adams said they’ve been having open houses just to get the word out and let people know about the new league.

The season was originally supposed to start on April 7 but was pushed back to April 14. Adams said anyone who had already signed up was able to get some free throws the preceding Thursday to practice.

Both Snideman and Adams said there are many levels to this journey. It wasn’t long ago when the pair was first started talking, brainstorming, and conceiving the idea.

“The fact that now it has become this reality, this living, breathing, existing park where we see people come every single day and laugh, scream, and enjoy together and bond and have fun, it is the most gratifying experience I can describe, seeing people experience it that way,” Snideman said.

The feeling is immeasurable, she described.

“It’s bigger and better than I ever imagine, I just love every bit of it,” Snideman said.

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