June 5, 2023


Just Do Travel

Foretales is a narrative card adventure coming to Nintendo Switch and PC this summer

Dear Villagers and French developer Alkami have revealed story-driven card-based adventure game Foretales, coming this summer to Switch and PC.

You’ll be playing as small-time bird thief Volepain. After stealing a magical lyre, he suddenly finds himself having visions of the end of the world. Of course, he’d like to stop that, so he sets out recruiting a party of wild and wonderful characters to set forth on a tabletop-inspired adventure to prevent that happening.

Gameplay will see players placing down cards to overcome encounters. With the game inspired by classic Disney 2D animated features, you’ll forge a party of anthropomorphic characters. These include tiger archer Leo, gorilla Karst, elephant Isabeau and parrot Pattenbois. Each character will have their own unique skills and consumable cards to help through a huge variety of encounters.

We’re promised an ever changing story, so you’ll have to replay multiple times to see every branch. There’ll be multiple solutions to problems, so fighting won’t always be the best way out. If you do end up in combat, expect a turn based system that will also take into account aspects like corruption, reputation and more.  Keeping with the fairytale theme, you can also expect a score from composer Christophe Héral, who was also behind the music in Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman Legends.

Check out the game’s debut trailer for yourself down below. Foretales is expected to land on the Nintendo Switch and PC later this summer.