October 17, 2021


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Dreaming of a New Career? Become a Disney Travel Agent!

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Do you have a love of all things, Disney? Are you looking for a new, flexible job opportunity? Would it be a dream come true if your job involved making people happy each and every day?

If this applies to you, you may want to consider a work from home career as a Disney travel agent, planning magical vacations to exciting Disney destinations and Disney Cruises

Why Become a Disney travel agent

Being a Disney travel planner is both fun and rewarding and one of the most sought-after careers in the travel industry.  

Do you find that you are spending your days or nights researching and keeping up to date with all that is new and changing in the “World of Disney” and maybe even assisting your friends and family with their trips? If so, you’re already doing the work of a Disney travel planner.

With the unprecedented world we live in, now more than ever before, people are using travel agents to assist with booking and planning their Disney vacations.  More than half of the people who travel use a travel agent and that number is considerably growing. What better time to start your career as a Disney Vacation Planner!

For those of us that love Disney, this job will never feel like a job, and the benefits are endless.

Disneyland Resort in California
Credit: Disney

Getting started

Not all agencies are the same. Finding a reputable travel agency — one that specializes in Disney — is important. 

The first and the most important thing you want to look for is this:  Is the travel agency Earmarked as an Authorized Vacation Planner by Disney? Earmarked Agencies have earned recognition from and are backed by the Walt Disney Travel Co. as reputable suppliers of the Disney products they sell.

There are 5 Earmarked levels that agencies aspire to while yearning to become part of this elite group: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the highest achievable level is Diamond. With only 3 Disney Travel Agencies in the World having achieved the Diamond level status, being able to work with one of them would be a dream come true for any travel agent new or experienced.

Working for one of the most prestigious Disney travel agencies — one with a Diamond level status — offers travel agents so much more than they will find at other agencies that have not been recognized this highly by the Walt Disney Travel Co.

You will receive continuous training, marketing support, sales support, educational opportunities both with the Walt Disney Travel Co. as well as the agency itself, not to mention the benefits! For example, agents that are affiliated with a Diamond Earmarked agency have the opportunity to travel to the various Disney Destinations up to 6 times per year. No other Earmarked levels are permitted to offer that perk to their agents.

Cinderella Castle Changing Colors
Credit: Disney/ Matt Stroshane


You may be asking, How do Travel Agents get paid?  

Suppliers such as Disney pay the Travel agency a commission percentage based on the vacation package/booking after the completion of the guest’s vacation. Of course, as I am sure you can already guess, Diamond Earmark Agencies are paid the highest commission levels offered because of their volume.  

Traditional travel agencies will offer their travel agents a 50/50% or 60/40% commission. Because of their volume one agency, Academy Travel — a Diamond level authorized vacation planning company — offers agents the opportunity to increase up to 90% agent commission. And Academy Travel never charges a fee to their agents.

Why do some agencies charge fees? Some agencies charge a startup or monthly fee. In some cases, agencies make a separate income off these fees. That is why we recommend you be careful when selecting an agency to understand what the fees are for. 

dcl ship
Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Reviewing the contract

Before you select an agency to work with, review their contract. Some agencies require fees for a specific period. Even if you choose to leave.

Pyramid scheme? Possibly, if the agency is asking you to “recruit” agents for them this could be a bit sketchy. Making their focus on building a monopoly instead of taking the time to train, maintain, and grow their individual business.

Why Choose Academy Travel

academy travel


Earmarked Diamond Producer

Millions of people are ready to bring the magic and the memories back into their lives looking for agents to help guide them. There is no better time to start a fulfilling career working from the comforts of home as a Disney Travel Planner!

If you consider yourself to be a huge Disney fan, you love helping people (or even your own family) plan vacations to the Happiest Place on Earth, and you are looking for a great job opportunity that allows you to work from home, consider applying to be an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner with Academy Travel. These professional Disney experts are ready to welcome you to their team. An opportunity to work from home doing what you love is one you shouldn’t pass up!

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