October 6, 2022


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Dexys Midnight Runners Cancel Tour To Allow Kevin Rowland To Recover After Motorcycle Accident

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Kevin Rowland of Dexys Midnight Runners is recovering from a motorcycle accident but not as fast as was expected. Therefore Dexys Midnight Runners are cancelling their upcoming tour.

Dexys Midnight Runners were heading out on the “Too Rye Ay as it should have sounded” UK Tour in September and October 2022. Rowland was expected to have healed by then but the recovery is taking longer than expected.

In a statement Dexys Midnight Runners announced:

“It is with huge regret that Dexys have had to cancel the “Too Rye Ay as it should have sounded” UK Tour planned for September and October 2022.

“As many people familiar with Dexys will understand, a lot of work and detail was planned for these shows. Unfortunately, Kevin is recovering from a motorbike accident and some health issues that will take some time to recover from. We had tried to keep the tour on track, but now it is clear that that there won’t be sufficient time to do the work needed to deliver the show as we had envisaged.

“Dexys feel awful about cancelling and are immensely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

“Apologies first and foremost to the fans who have bought tickets and already made travel arrangements, and to the team, promoters, staff, agents, the ticket vendors, venues and all who have worked so hard.

“We did consider postponing the tour until next year, but we already have plans for 2023, and we promise that when we next tour, and, it won’t be long, we will do plenty of material from ‘Too Rye Ay as it should have sounded’.”

‘Too-Rye-Ay’ was the second Dexys Midnight Runners album. The album reached number two in Australia and the UK and was their only American hit album, peaking at number 14. The hit song was ‘Come On Eileen’.

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