January 28, 2021


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DENNY WHEELER: ‘Not so excited’ about proposed hotel near beach

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Regarding the proposed five-story Hampton Inn planned for replacing the Lakeshore Motel adjacent to the First Street Beach, I have some concerns.

I retired a few years ago and moved to Manistee from Traverse City, because I have some dear friends in this area, and have always loved how Manistee has preserved it’s public access to the lakeshore, without large buildings and commercial congestion blocking the stunning views and ease of access.

Having served on planning commissions, zoning boards and school boards in other communities, I understand the pressure to make improvements to one’s community. I harbor no disrespect to anyone involved in this process, and I understand that it would have benefits to our community.

Beyond the parking issues, especially during the Manistee National Forest Festival and other events held in this area, my biggest concern is that this plan just wouldn’t look like Manistee — at least the Manistee I have grown to love. I am excited that the leaders of this community are engaged in renewal, e.g. The Gateway Project, West Shore Community College, etc., but five stories tall at First Street Beach? Not so excited.

Denny Wheeler