October 2, 2022


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COVID and travel: Travel industry struggles to meet renewed demand

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DENVER (KDVR) — Travel looks nothing like it did at this time last year, as millions across the nation are eager to get back on planes and road trip to attractions across the state.

The travel industry is still struggling to adjust to the renewed demand.

Skyler McKinley of AAA of Colorado said travelers should be ready to be flexible as the travel industry plays catch up.

“For the rest of the summer, it’s more touch and go at the airlines than it was in 2019, because they have to hire everybody back,” McKinley said.

Pilots must be re-certified before they return to work. FAA regulations require those working to have adequate downtime.

Rental cars may not be as readily available in some cities.

“Most of the rental car fleets are still experiencing problems with their fleet size. They sold a lot of their fleets off, demand came back and they need to rebuy their cars, and they can’t do that fast enough” McKinley said.

The Problem Solvers found apps like Turo can help you find a rental car in the Denver metro at a reasonable rate.

If you’re staying in one area, it’s always a good idea to consider public transportation as well.

Whether booking a car or an airline ticket, travel experts say now is the time to do it if you want to travel this fall or even during the holidays, because prices are likely to increase before then.