February 25, 2021


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Central Holidays Unveils 2021 Brochures and USA Tours

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Central Holidays announced on February 17 that its new 2021 brochures, which showcase Egypt, Italy, Latin America, Europe, Africa and West Asia are now available.

The brochures can be accessed through the tour company’s website. The itineraries feature more small group programs, private experiences and outdoor offerings due to the pandemic, but also include desirable destinations, like Israel, Spain, Malta and more.


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“Our fresh travel brochure offerings feature mindful itineraries that not only respect and follow health and safety protocols, but are also conscious, observant, and respectful of the location, natural environment, local communities, and travelers’ needs,” said Tewfik Ghattas, Sakkara Group International (SGI) Board Member. Central Holidays is part of SGI.

The tour company also introduced its new USA Travel Programs to cater to those who’d like to remain inside the United States, but still have a great tour experience. The new tours include National Parks tours, amusement parks, beach travel and culinary and wine tastings. The tours can be taken throughout the pandemic.

Both the USA Travel Programs and Central Holidays’ international tours are customizable for each group or family that travels. “Our strength rests on our personalized and dedicated attention to our clients’ needs and wishes,” said Ghattas. “The values that Central Holidays embodies continue to shine in our exemplary client service, destination expertise, and our meticulously planned, affordable-luxury travel packages.”

For more information, please visit Central Holidays.