June 10, 2023


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Brazilian Court hotel in Palm Beach adds Linus bicycle fleet

Guests at The Brazilian Court are hitting the road on a new set of wheels — make that, six sets of wheels.

A new fleet of custom Brazilian Court-logoed bicycles — including four geared bikes and two electric — now is on hand for ready-to-roll guests staying at the hotel.

Since The Brazilian Court began making the Linus-brand bikes available last week, guests have been riding around town, perhaps with a picnic stowed in the handlebar-mounted baskets. The bikes’ total retail value is more than $9,500.

Other hotels on the island offer or can arrange for the use of bicycles for guests, but not all of them maintain their own fleet of bikes.

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Doing so can be an advantage, said Stacy Lee, director of sales and marketing at The Brazilian Court, which she said has offered guests onsite bikes since at least 2008. In addition to fitness and clean energy being important to many travelers, “Palm Beach is beautiful and all about the outdoors,” Lee said. “Bikes are the perfect way to get around in the fresh air.”

The Brazilian Court’s new cream-colored and sage green-accented bicycles are by Linus, a Venice, Calif.-based bicycle design and manufacturing company known for models with a look reminiscent of 1960s European bicycles.

“We worked with Linus to create custom color palettes on both the electric and traditional bicycles that would match the essence of The Brazilian Court, giving our guests the best in style and technology,” Brazilian Court owner Bobby Schlesinger said.

The four traditional bicycles, which are Linus’ Dutchi 3i models, have a step-through frame and upright-riding position. An internal gear system allows shifting gears without pedaling. These bikes retail for around $739 each, according to Linus’ website

The two electric bikes, Linus’ Ember e6100 model, retail for around $3,399 each. They’re pedal-assisted electric bicycles with a top speed of no more than 20 mph. In Florida, that classifies them as bicycles and not motorized vehicles.

Along with its new bikes, The Brazilian Court has launched another way to help get its guests moving: a fitness program called BC Moves, which is available to outside visitors, too.

From January through May 2022, morning fitness classes — from “Total Body Toning” to “Mat Pilates” — will be offered twice a month. They’re free for hotel guests and $35 a person for others.

For more information, call The Brazilian Court at (561) 655-7740 or visit thebraziliancourt.com