May 30, 2023


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Best Hotels in Ranthambore National Park

The gloriously impressive beauty of Ranthambore National Park combines an attractive blend of flora and fauna consisting of the fine and the vast gigantic natural wildlife habitat and huge lush green lifelike trees and plants making Ranthambore a majestic place to explore and visit.

The magnanimity of this magnificent Ranthambore Park gets amplified by the luxuriously comfortable Ranthambore hotels. Some of the handpicked and the best hotels in Ranthambore that provide world class costumer amenities are:

Sher Bagh: Situated at the edge of Ranthambore Park, this Ranthambore hotel is set amidst trees and over looking valleys on a private estate. Providing the finest of amenities to its customer with dining experiences carefully crafted, room service, lounge, reading room facility and special evening talks with conservationists who have dedicated their lives to Ranthambore and its natural habitat.

Khem Villas: Spread over 10 acres the Khem Vilas is in the proximity of Ranthambore that makes it a traveler’s hub. Khem Villas is an ideal destination that offers the guest complete peace of mind, along with some lip smacking food and the world best cuisines that add to the prominent service of Khem villas Ranthambore hotel.

Dev Villas: Hotel Dev Vilas is a unit of Sacchai Hotels Pvt. Ltd. This Ranthambore hotel is set in three and a half acres of land and is located near the entrance of the Ranthambore. Dev Vilas Hotel offers 28 rooms categorized into 19 Deluxe Rooms and 9 common rooms. Each room has been designed in a unique sequence of color, style and ambience providing the major amenities to its customers such as bar, business center, outdoor swimming pool, free room service, internet facility etc.

Tiger Moon: A jungle lodge located at the edge of the Ranthambore National Park (Rajasthan, India), Tiger Moon resort offers a drive in open jeeps deep into the Ranthambore forest and give tourist a glimpse of wildest of tigers. Folk dances and puppet shows are the salient features of this Ranthambore hotel. The finest of amenities provided by Tiger Moon resort are currency exchange, wildlife libraries and safe locker etc.

Tiger Den: Tiger Den Resort, a Jungle Lodge boasts of quality accommodation and services. The resort is barely five minutes away from the main entrance of the park. There are 18 air-conditioned cottages, 2 suites and 8 luxury Swiss Cottage tents. Each cottage & tent is equipped with modern amenities.

Visit one of the finest above mentioned hotels in Ranthambore when longing to visit the incredible land of Ranthambore National Park and get the best ever deals with the accommodation services while adding a cherry of comfort living on the cake of your visit to Ranthambore National Park.