June 9, 2023


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Adventure Hoots in the Ganges

Ganga has a lot to offer to anybody and everybody who touches her feet with full faith and devotion. The holy river, worshiped by the Hindus, finds its mention in many of the mythological stories and ancient epics of significance. The river flows from the Himalayan ranges, purifies the land of most of North India and surrenders finally in the Bay of Bengal waters. Ganga is known for its unpredictable characteristic, as at some places its waters take the form of turbulent waves knocking down whatever comes in its path, while at other places it is calmly flowing and paving its way to the next destination.

If you are an adventure lover and want to experience an adrenalin rushing river rafting experience, you cant afford to leave out on the white water rafting in Rishikesh. This adventure sport is only for the daring, who would like to get on the challenging waves of the river, as their heart skips a beat. So, if you are that sought, then tie your head gear, wear your wet suit and life jacket, put on your floaters and get set to pierce the streams with all your strength in your arms, to win this heavy-duty battle.

Plan your river rafting trip carefully, keeping in mind the time you need for training before landing to the rushing streams and the various stoppages where you can trek and camp, if you are on a long rafting tour of about 5-6 days. Rafting point before the Tehri Dam, is the ideal location to start your expedition. Here you will encounter with grade 3+ rapids in the first gorge, after maneuvering through a stretch of calm streams. In the second gorge, you will have to fiddle with 4+ rapids, as you reach Devprayag. Near Kaudiyala, you can enjoy a leisurely rafting experience between the mild ripples of the river, flowing high and low in the valley, after which you can smartly take over the exciting high rapids like the ‘Three Blind Mice’ and the ‘Crossfire’. This perfect transition from high to low and from low to high rapids, will keep you guessing what to do next, and bring a new challenge at every step.

As you end your day, you can manage your camping and trekking expeditions to the nearby villages nestled in the Himalayas, carrying an amazing view of the rocky hills, green valleys and clean atmosphere. Beas Ghat, Naggar and Silver Sand Camp are some of the places used as common stopovers by rafters.

Once you experience the rules of the game yourself, you will get to know that river rafting is a perfect exercise for team-building, so don’t think you can win over this challenge alone. A perfect test of concentration, skills and coordination among the raft-mates. The team of people on the raft have to come together and match each other in movements and timing, to become a part of the majestic river, as the heart beats faster at a rate matched only by the waves of the river. There is a different magic when you are fighting together and a different sense of heroic achievement when you reach your destination, signaled by the lulled streams of the river, at the final signpost.

Ganga Rally, which is an annual rally organized in the month of February, takes place for three days. It is an exciting and stimulating experience for the adventure seekers, who can participate in various water sports and also the Ganga marathon race on the final day of the rally to win and kiss the Benaras Trophy.

The river rafting stretch is around 36 km, commencing from Kaudiyal in Garhwal to Rishikesh. It consists of 12 high rapids which can be overcome only after rafting training, which are given in the rafting and adventure sports training institutes available in the area. One should go for rafting only if he is medically fit and has not suffered from any kind of water-phobia. It is advisable to carry along basic medications like antiseptics, insulin and inhalers. Loose clothes of nylon or synthetic material should be worn to avoid any kind of discomfort due to the water temperature.