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Huawei Plans To Build A Chip Factory In Shanghai, To Produce 20nm

It was a compromise to bring the iPhone X conceptual design to a more consumer-friendly price point, and one size that worked for everyone. The XR and 11 feel a little big in hand for those who, if price were no matter, would prefer the 5.8-inch XS or 11 Pro. And they look a little small for those who, if price were no matter, would prefer the 6.5-inch XS Max or 11 Pro Max. But it’s a good compromise size for everyone whose sensibility or budget steered them toward iPhones that started around $750 or so rather than $1000 or so. There’s a “measure twice, cut once” aspect to Apple’s consistency with those home-button-era iPhones. And, importantly, their display sizes could be used as shorthand descriptions of their relative device sizes.

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  • We have a series of protocol changes on the table before 1.0 but this branch marks a stable point before we jump into that.” Change is coming to the Linux world.
  • Wayland is the protocol and IPC mechanism while Weston is the reference compositor implementation.
  • “This is the first real release of Wayland and Weston.

But these mmWave coverage zones really are like Wi-Fi hotspots in terms of range. At some spots, the coverage is literally just half a city block.

I put my Qi-compatible Pixel 4 on and it seemed to recognize it as a charger, but it didn’t actually charge. I’ve had trouble with the Pixel 4 and other Qi chargers too, this link so this might be weirdness on the part of the Pixel, not the MagSafe charger. Your mileage may vary using MagSafe to charge non-iPhone devices. “iBook”, for example, was an iconic consumer laptop — and then it was an e-book platform. Apple removed our beloved MagSafe charging ports from MacBooks a few years ago, but now they’ve brought back the brand for iPhone, and it’s delightful.

In hand, the width of a phone is much more noticeable than its height. That’s just self-evident based on how one grips a phone. With an iPhone 11 Pro in one hand and a 12 Pro in the other, they feel like different takes on the same size/weight device. The 12 and 12 Pro give you an iPhone XR/11-sized 6.1-inch diagonal display in an iPhone X/XS/11 Pro-sized device. Apple has reduced the size of the bezel surrounding the display, and the flat sides of the 12 models are narrower than the rounded sides of the X and 11 Phones. This should be obvious from the fact that they share the same Apple-branded protective cases, but it’s worth emphasizing here because the 11 and 11 Pro are very different sizes .

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And it supposedly doesn’t penetrate walls or even windows well. Basically, Verizon claims to offer “5G Nationwide” — a.k.a. Sub-6GHz 5G — across the whole metro region except for the most densely populated area right in the heart of Philly. I walked into areas that are red on Verizon’s map, but I never saw any regular 5G service. Only LTE. I pretty much live my life in Verizon’s pink zone. You can put other Qi-compatible iPhones on a MagSafe puck and they will charge, treating the MagSafe puck as a 7.5-watt Qi charger. There’s no special bloop or on-screen animation, but it works fine.

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And despite the fact that the 12 and 12 Pro have 6.1-inch displays — the same display size as the iPhone 11 — as devices they are much closer in size to the 11 Pro. So when you see that the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro4 have 6.1-inch displays, 12 years of iPhone experience are going to make you think these are iPhone XR/11-sized devices. In hand, in pocket, and to the eye, they feel and look like iPhone X/XS/11 Pro-sized devices. Display size is no longer a proximate metric for relative iPhone device size. The 6.5-inch Max devices truly were large, but the 6.1-inch XR and 11 were something else. “Split-the-difference” sounds inelegant but I really do feel that’s what Apple was doing with them.

I don’t think they start with a display size and then design a phone around that. I think they start with a device size and then fit a display into that design. The foundation of the Face-ID-era iPhones is the feel of the iPhone X in hand. That basic size, that feel in hand and in pocket — that is the size of a regular modern iPhone.

It’s the Goldilocks size that to most people’s taste isn’t big, and isn’t small. As someone whose daily carry for the last three years has been a X/XS/11 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro does not feel like a bigger device at all. I expected to feel more strongly about this , but so far I don’t. I like the flat sides, but as I go back and forth between the 12 and 12 Pro and my trusty 11 Pro, I don’t feel grossed out by the 11 Pro’s round sides the way I expected to.