June 10, 2023


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6 Reasons You Should Move to Little Rock

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Little Rock, Arkansas

If you have been considering a move, but aren’t sure where to call home, there are many great options out there for new cities. If you are thinking of moving to the South specifically, you may have considered some of the larger, more well-known cities like Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, or New Orleans.

But don’t overlook some of the smaller, lesser-known cities in smaller states. You probably haven’t considered a move to Little Rock, Arkansas, but here are several compelling reasons why you should:

Reasonable Cost-of-Living

Little Rock is known to have a reasonable cost-of-living, which is extremely important today when prices are rising constantly. Little Rock is considered an affordable place to live when considering everything from groceries to healthcare to utilities.

Housing, specifically, is also affordable in Little Rock with both home buying and rental prices below the national average. So there are plenty of affordable Little Rock houses for sale if you are considering a more there.

Employment Opportunities

There are also plenty of employment opportunities in Little Rock. Many businesses have offices in the city, and there are government initiatives to support the economy. The employment opportunities combined with the affordable cost-of-living make Little Rock a great city to live in.


Little Rock not only has all the benefits of being a capital city, like job opportunities and higher pay, but the capital of Arkansas is also centrally located in the state, making traveling to other cities in the state easy and convenient. 

Further, Little Rock is only a day trip away from other larger cities like Memphis and Dallas. If you need to travel further, Little Rock is home to the Clinton National Airport.

Arkansas River

Little Rock is located right on the Arkansas River, so if you are a water-lover, this is a great city for you. You can search out housing with a view, or take a short drive to the river to enjoy all of the water activities you want.

Outdoor Recreation

Many larger cities are far removed from the outdoors, and you need to travel quite a way to get your fix of nature. However, Little Rock is very close to Pinnacle Mountain State Park for all of your hiking needs, and the Ozark Mountains are conveniently only a few hours away, allowing you to participate in your preferred outdoor recreation activities.

Lots to Do

There is also plenty of fun and culture to be enjoyed in Little Rock. You can head to the River Market for a concert, check out the Arkansas Arts Center in MacArthur Park, or check out the Clinton Library. You can even visit the Big Dam Bridge, which is considered the nation’s longest bridge specifically built for bike and pedestrian traffic.

While Little Rock may be a hidden gem in the South, you now know all of the reasons you should consider a move there. From affordable housing to employment opportunities to location and more, there are so many reasons to give a move to Little Rock, Arkansas some serious consideration.