October 2, 2022


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33. Boston Consulting Group | Business Travel News

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2020 U.S.-Booked Air Volume: $25 million
Consolidated U.S. TMC: Amex GBT

BTN estimates Boston Consulting Group reduced its U.S.-booked air volume in 2020 to $25 million. That’s down more than 85 percent from BTN’s 2019 estimate of $149 million. Business travel comprises more than 80 percent of the firm’s carbon footprint. Given BCG’s carbon reduction initiatives that pledge to reach net zero by 2030, managing director and senior partner Mai-Britt Poulson told the Financial Times this summer that the firm would likely continue to engage online tools and virtual training technologies to reduce air travel for internal training and recruitment events. But it will have to go much further to reach its goals. 

The travel team continues to work with BCG sustainability leaders to refine its carbon reporting related to travel. Head of global travel Gehan Colliander received BTN’s best practitioner award in 2020 for her team’s work in driving carbon emissions data to the point of sale for travelers and influencing their supplier choices and consideration for travel alternatives. This year, the firm was named as one of United Airlines’ inaugural partners supporting a significant investment sustainable aviation fuel. The company continues to invest in carbon sequestration technologies as a path to becoming climate-positive after 2030.